ELUTE fiber provides pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and medical device companies with cutting-edge biodegradable polymers for implantable drug delivery.

TissueGen’s patented extrusion process enables delivery of the broadest range of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics previously impossible to incorporate in implantable devices. In more ways than ever, medical device developers can now deploy advanced drug delivery with ELUTE® fiber – an incredible breakthrough that drastically expands the drugs deliverable via implantable fibers.


ELUTE® Fiber


TissueGen’s ELUTE fiber is ideally suited for a broad range of clinical applications and enables drug delivery from implantable devices for many therapeutic indications.

Advanced Drug Delivery


TissueGen’s patented room temperature fiber extrusion technology  preserves the biological activity of incorporated drugs and enables an entirely new format for drug delivery via biodegradable ELUTE fibers.
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Nerve Regeneration

Nerve Regeneration

ELUTE fiber is driving a paradigm shift in nerve regeneration through controlled, sustained delivery of sensitive biologics including growth  factors from biomimetic three-dimensional structures.
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Tissue Engineering


Tailored for devices that require both mechanical and pharmaceutical support,  ELUTE fiber is ideal for tissue scaffolds and stents, including TissueGen’s ARCHER™ stent and drug-eluting stent for the biliary, PAD, and DVT markets.
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TissueGen’s ELUTE fiber has
won the 2015 R&D 100 Award for
Market Disruptor Services Gold!


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Recent Awards


TissueGen’s ELUTE® fiber has won the ITMA Future Materials Award for Most Innovative Small Company!

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WHO: TissueGen® Inc., developer of ELUTE® fiber, enables controlled sustained delivery of sensitive pharmaceuticals and biologics from biodegradable fibers for advanced drug delivery, nerve regeneration, and tissue engineering. TissueGen works with leading pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and medical device companies to develop fiber and textile medical devices...