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Issued Patents and Pending Applications


Directed to Drug Releasing Biodegradable Fiber Implant

Country Application/Patent No. Status
Australia 2004237770 Granted
Canada 2379909 Granted
Canada 2523620 Granted
China P.R. 00814022.7 Granted
China P.R. 200480018348.80 Granted
European Patent Convention 952592.4 Pending
European Patent Convention 1620038 Granted
Japan 4859317 Granted
Japan 4989965 Granted
Japan 5383757 Granted
Japan 5638554 Granted
United States 6858222 Granted
United States 7514095 Granted
United States 7033603 Granted
United States 8062654 Granted
United States 6596296 Granted


Directed to Self-Expanding Medical Device

Country Application/Patent No. Status
Australia 2009283913 Granted
Canada 2734493 Granted
China ZL200980137732 Granted
European Patent Convention 2326292 Granted
India 1933/DELNP/2011 Pending
Japan 5713900 Granted
United States 8,672,996 Granted


Directed to Drug-Eluting Self-Retaining Sutures and Methods Relating Thereto

Country Application/Patent No. Status
Australia 2011323299 Pending
Brazil BR112013011090‐2 Pending
Canada 2816326 Pending
China 201180063975.3 Pending
European Patent Convention 11838842.0 Pending
India 3929/DELNP/2013 Pending
Japan Pending Pending
Korea 2013/7014209 Pending
Mexico MX/A/2013/005072 Pending
New Zealand 610341 Pending
Russia 2013125475 Pending
United States 13/883066 Pending
South Africa 2013/04011 Pending