IMG_8617-TG-smTissueGen® Inc. is the developer of ELUTE® fiber, a groundbreaking biodegradable fiber format for advanced drug delivery, nerve regeneration, and tissue engineering. TissueGen has more than four decades of cumulative experience in extruding biodegradable polymer fibers with broad drug delivery capabilities. ELUTE fiber can directly replace standard fibers used in biodegradable textiles currently on the market and provide significantly improved clinical outcomes by delivering therapeutic agents directly at the site of the implant. By delivering pharmaceuticals and biologics at the site of implantation, ELUTE fiber enables medical devices to guide the body’s healing and regenerative processes.

For the first time, device developers can take advantage of the sophisticated drug delivery capabilities of absorbable fibers incorporating high levels of manufacturing tolerance to provide precise release kinetics for in vivo support and regeneration applications with a single polymer structure. TissueGen’s drug delivery technology enables the incorporation and elution of a broad range of therapeutics, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals (antibiotics to antineoplastics)
  • Biologics (growth factors, immune proteins, enzymes, oligonucleotides to whole viruses).

all in hydrophobic polymeric fibers or tubes for timed therapeutic release.

Today, ELUTE fiber is used in regenerative medicine and medical devices such as cardiac stents, peripheral vascular stents, orthopedic sutures, peripheral nerve regeneration, and many more.

Built on  decades of experience in extruding biodegradable polymer fibers with broad drug delivery capabilities, TissueGen was founded in 2000 and currently holds a robust portfolio of issued patents on unique drug delivery technology.