Advanced Drug Delivery

ELUTE® fiber is manufactured by TissueGen’s patented room temperature extrusion process that preserves the biological activity of incorporated drugs and enables an entirely new format for drug delivery via biodegradable fibers. Controlled, sustained drug release profiles allow for combined structural-pharmaceutical support in a single polymer structure never before possible. The result is controlled, sustained delivery of more drugs than ever before possible via implantable devices.

By delivering drugs at the site of implantation, ELUTE fiber enables medical devices to orchestrate the body’s healing process. Localized drug delivery is often preferred over systemic delivery. Additionally, ELUTE fibers stay in place once implanted.  Whereas drugs injected via millions of microspheres or billions of nanoparticles cannot be retrieved from the body, ELUTE fiber-based devices may be retrieved as required by the treating physician.

ELUTE fiber’s advanced drug delivery capabilities may facilitate advancements in any number of applications where targeted drug delivery is beneficial.

Learn more about how ELUTE fiber enables advanced drug delivery applications with pharmaceuticals here.