Tissue Engineering

ELUTE® fiber is driving a paradigm shift in tissue scaffolding, thanks to the mechanical properties of TissueGen’s strong, pliable fibers that can be woven, knitted, or braided to create biomimetic three-dimensional structures with drug delivery capabilities.

Medical textiles incorporating ELUTE fiber hold tremendous promise for tissue engineering applications.  Beyond simple antibiotics, ELUTE fiber can now deliver growth factors to orchestrate the wound healing process.  ELUTE fiber enables medical textiles to become scaffolding for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications.  These scaffolds may deliver growth factors to selectively direct cell migration and tissue growth directed by fibers loaded with growth factors within the scaffold.

ELUTE fiber may provide controlled drug concentration gradients along the length of the fiber to direct cell migration. The resulting structures may enable improved site-specific drug release of more biologic combinations than ever before.

ELUTE fiber can now provide a critical component in medical textiles for repair of soft tissue including hernias,  ligaments and tendons.  Textiles are a logical choice for tissue repair and replacement due to the fibrous nature of the human body, as muscle, tendon, ligament and even nerve tissue are constructed of fibrous tissue. With textiles constructed of ELUTE fiber, the potential benefits are even more apparent.

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