TissueGen®‘s patented, cutting-edge room temperature extrusion process  enables drug-loading of absorbable fibers incorporated in implantable medical devices, enabling the broadest range of incorporated pharmaceuticals and biologics possible to be delivered directly to targeted internal sites for a number of medical applications.

TissueGen offers two product lines of ELUTE® fiber:

ELUTE® Fiber –  Biologics

These fibers, typically loaded with extremely sensitive proteins such as growth factors, are ideally suited for advanced research applications.

ELUTE® Fiber – Pharmaceuticals

These fibers, typically loaded with standard pharmaceuticals,  are well-suited for woven, knitted, or braided applications in a medical textile device.

Additionally, TissueGen has developed a patented biodegradable drug-eluting stent:


Ideal for applications where it is critical for a device to stay in place where implanted in tubular organs, TissueGen’s drug-eluting, helical coil device may act as a vascular stent or may hold or anchor other devices such as filters or indwelling catheters.